✓ Your complete email setup done for you

✓ 24/7 Access to our content and email experts

✓ 24/7 Service with personal support

✓ Maintenance, Testing, Optimization

✓ Perfect for Dropshippers and BrandOwners

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What can I expect after I order from Email On Point?

Converted flows that will generate at least 15% more revenue. The flows are manually created by us. The flows will also feature your own branding. (So we will not rest until the 15%+ is achieved!). These Flows are used daily by at least 100+ websites!

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Why do I need Email Marketing?

Email marketing is very important for several reasons:
👉It is the most inexpensive, easy and efficient way to communicate with your audience.
👉High ROI (Return On Investment). According to many studies, every 1€ you spend on email marketing is an ROI of 38€.
👉Targeted: Email marketing allows you to segment your audience based on various factors such as purchase history, demographics and interests. This leads to repeat purchases and higher conversion rates.

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Who is this for?

👉If your online shop or web store processes a few orders per day, we can guarantee you a profitable result.
👉 If you currently get less than 25% of your sales from email marketing.
👉 If you are a DropShipper looking for a 15-25% boost in your monthly profits within a few weeks.
👉 If you want to increase the percentage of returning customers, thus increasing Life-Time Value (LTV).

👉 If you want a dedicated team that writes, designs and sets up all your emails, including automations and campaigns.

👉 If you want a proven automation for shopping cart recovery emails.

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What does it Cost?

 As stated many times, the flows are provided by us. this takes some time. this comes down to 700€ set up costs. Furthermore, when you achieve more than 10% turnover, we ask a fee on this. this comes down to 15% of this 10%. we guarantee that we will achieve at least 15% more turnover for you. in practice, we see that this is much higher. in short: the better we do our best, the more we both earn!

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):

  1. Is This Suitable for Dropshippers? Absolutely! In fact, a significant portion of our clients are dropshippers.it is also suitable for Brand Owners!
  2. Will This Work if I'm in X Country? Yes, it will! We've successfully collaborated with clients from various locations, including Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, France), the US, Canada, and South America. The system is effective, and your location is not a limitation. Our team includes translators who can craft emails in any language.
  3. How Quickly Can I See Results? In 90% of cases, you can expect to see results within a matter of days once we implement the email automations for you. 
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